Cored Leadfree Leader & Hooklink (Trade)
  • Cored Leadfree Leader & Hooklink (Trade)

    Cored is a extra tough leader has been developed to cope with the most extreme of fishing situations, while keeping the last few feet tight to the lakebed.

    Cored is simple to splice and can be used with any lead set up.


    Cored can also doubles up as an heavy duty hooklink, when fishing snaggy big fish waters or large fast flowing rivers.


    Avaiable in 35lb, 45lb and 60lb, in Silt Brown and Weed Green.


    10 meters.


    35lb - 0.55mm 

    45lb - 0.60mm

    60lb - 0.65mm


    Price includes UK delivery.

    A small delivery charge may apply for International Shipping.

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