Fantastic Phantom by Nathan Goubet

"It is during my two weeks holiday, after the disappointment of our first choice lake being unfishable due to the lake being flooded and not allowing us to fish properly I decided to give a forgotten wild pit a go.

Arriving at the wild lake I was meet by crystal clear water is where the Phantom Flurocarbon Hooklink would come into its own.

Phantom Flurocarbon Hooklink, available in 15lb and 25lb

I mounted a size 4 R-Curve on a Fluro D-Rig made from the Phantom Flurocarbon Hooklink, which is one of my favorite rigs.

Nathan's Fluro D-Rig

The 48 hour session was hectic and resulted in me landing a number of stunning common to 35lb+ from a very weedy swim. The Phantom Flurocarbon Hooklink stood firm and was the perfect hooklink choice for this clear and weedy lake"

The pick of the Bunch

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