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Team Germany


Tobi Resele - German Team Leader

Based: Bavaria 
Favorite Water(s): Any medium sized Gravel Pit

Favorite Rig: Spinner RigStiff Rig and German Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: R-Curve, Spur, R-Circle, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve, Hook Beads, Peel Coated Hooklink, Micro Ring Swivel, Quick Change Flexi, Tungsten Sinkers and High Density Tungsten Putty

German 7

Christoph Junggunst - German Team Member

Based: Mittelfranken
Favorite Water(s): Secluded Lakes

Favorite Rig: Blowback Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: R-Square, LongShanker, Sinew Supple Braid, Line Aligners, 4.4mm Rig Ring, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve, Quick Swivel, Lead Clip with Pin, Hawser Leadcore and High Density Tungsten Putty.

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