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Team France

Cyril Hayaert - French Team Leader

Based: Steenwerck
Favorite Water(s): Canals and Public Lakes

Favorite Rig: Snowman Rig and Stiff Hinge Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: R-Curve, Sinew Supple Braid, Lead Clip with Pin, Quick SwivelAnti Tangle Sleeve and Hook Beads.

France 2

Ludovic Werbrouck - French Team Member

Based: Hauts-de-France
Favorite Water(s): Any where with carp!!!

Favorite Rig: Blowback Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: C-Curve, R-Curve,
R-Circle, Hook Beads, Lead Clip with Pin, Peel Coated Braid, RigorLink Chod Filament and High Density Tugsten Putty

Nathan Goubet - French Team Member

Based: Vienne, Lyon
Favorite Water(s): Any gravel pit or river

Favorite Rig: D Rig and Blowback Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: R-CurveR-Circle, Peel Coated Hooklink, Fused Flurocarbon Leader and
High Density Tungsten Range

France 8

Jason Gerber - French Team Member

Based: Forbach
Favorite Water(s): River

Favorite Rig: Standard Hair Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: Wide, Curve, Sinew Supple Braid, Tungsten Line Aligners, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves,
Quick Swivels and Hawser Leadcore

David Wittek - French Team Member

Based: Fouquieres-Les-Lens
Favorite Water(s): Public lakes

Favorite Rig: Loops and Booms

Most used BMG Tackle products: R-Wide, R-Curve, Sinew Supple Braid, Silicone Tubing, Crimps, RigorBoom Stiff Link, Quick Swivels, Lead Clip System, Cored Leadfree Leader, IntensiBraid and Crimping Tool 


Florian Soete - French Team Member

Based: Wattrelos
Favorite Water(s): Big Public Lakes

Favorite Rig: Spinner rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: CSR, C-Curve, Spinner Swivel, Anti Tangle Sleeve, Chod System, Heli Sleeve, Quick Links, Micro Ring Swivel and Fused Fluorocarbon Leader

Fabien Landru - French Team Member

Based: Pas-de-Calais
Favorite Water(s): Anywhere with carp!

Favorite Rig: Combi Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: R-Circle, C-Wide, R-Curve, Lead Clip with Pin, Hook Beads, Buffer Beads, Anti Tangle Sleeves, Heli Beads, Quick Clips, Link Loops, Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers, Peel Coated Hooklink, Phantom Fluorocarbon HooklinkSinew Supple Braid, Quick Swivels and Micro Ring Swivels

France 9

Loris Launay - French Team Member

Based: Le Mans
Favorite Water(s): Anywhere with carp

Favorite Rig: Hair Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: C-Wide, C-Curve,
Cored Leadfree Leader/Splicable Hooklink, XL Tungsten Kicker, Tungsten Oval Beads, Flexi Swivel, Brute Snag Leader, IntensiBraid, Line Clips and Washing Line Clips

Dylan Du Bois - French Team Member

Based: Auvergne
Favorite Water(s): Big Lakes

Favorite Rig: German Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: C-Wide, R-Wide, Cored Splicable Hooklink, Tungsten Oval Beads, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves, Quick Swivels, Lead Clips with Pin, Brute Snag Leader, IntensiBraid, Washing Line Clips and Bait Protection Wrap

France 8

Damien Ruggeri - French Team Member

Based: Occitanie
Favorite Water(s): River Lot

Favorite Rig: Strong Knotless Knot

Most used BMG Tackle products: Spur, Tungsten Line Aligner,
Peel Coated Hooklink, Quick Swivel, Tungsten Anti Tangle SleeveLead Clip System and Hawser Leadcore

Florian Deebaecker - French Team Member

Based: Hazebrouck
Favorite Water(s): Big Public Lakes

Favorite Rig: German Rig

Most used BMG Tackle products: R-Short Curve, Micro Ring Swivel, Hook Bead, Bait Floss, Phantom Fluorocarbon, Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves, Quick Swivels, Lead Clip System With Pin, Hawser Leadcore and IntensiBraid

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