Team Benelux

Benelux 1

Kevin Hoes - Benelux Team member

Based: Hoevenen, Belgium
Favorite Water(s): Anywhere with carp in it!

Favorite Rig: Blowback Rig and Spinner Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: R-SquareTungsten Hooklink Sinkers, Tungsten Rig Tubing and Sinew Supple Braid

Kenny Meul - Benelux Team Member

Based: Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Favorite Water(s): Hombeek, Pelagicevo, Les Graviers and žabar

Favorite Rig: BlowBack Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: C-Wide, R-Curve, Swivel Screw, Peel Coated Braid, Quick Swivels, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve, Lead Clip System with Pin and Cored Leadfree Leader/Hooklink 

Benelux 3

Kevin Rochus - Benelux Team Member

Based: Houten
Favorite Water(s): large Dutch waters, preferably Sand Pits

Favorite Rig: Spinner Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: Curve, Spinner Swivel, Heat Shrink Tubing, Hook Beads, 360 Bait Screw, Tungsten Swivel Bead and RigorLink Bristle Filament 

Tim Mahler - Benelux Team Member

Based: Kamerik, Netherlands
Favorite Water(s): Medium and Large Lakes

Favorite Rig: Hair Rig or Spinner Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: The Curve, R-Curve, R-Square, Quick Swivels, Flexi Swivels, Bait Srews, Hook Beads,
Anti-Tangle Sleeves, Kickers, Link Loops and Heat Shrink Tubing