Tamer Monofilament Mainline
  • Tamer Monofilament Mainline

    Tamer Monofilament Mainline, sinking mono mainline which has super casting qualities, super strong and fast sinking,  comes in a 1000 metre spools.


    Tamer Monofilament Mainline is an all-rounder mainline which suits most fishing situation, from being stalking in the margins to to big chucks on large windswpt lakes.

    A brilliant easy to useline with excellent abrasion resistance and low memory. The high abrasion resistance meansTamer Monofilament Mainline is a go to line for fishing near snags or weed.


    Tamer Monofilament Mainline flys off the spool making casting a dream yet supple enogh to settle over the lakebed

    Tamer Monofilament Mainline has been pre-stretched  which aids bite indication and makes feeling the lead down more sensitive


    Available in 12lb(0.29mm), 15lb (0.33mm) and 18lb (0.37mm) breaking strains, on 1000 metre spools.


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