Team Poland


Tomasz Zieliński - Polish Team Leader

Based: Tarnobrzeg
Favorite Water(s): Forest Lakes

Favorite Rig: Blowback Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: R-Square, Peel Coated Hooklink, Quick Swivels, Lead Clips with Pins, High Density Tungsten Putty and Hawser Leadcore

Patryk Dziki - Polish Team Member

Based: Grootebroek, Netherlands
Favorite Water(s): Public Lakes and Canals

Favorite Rig: Spinner Rig

Most Used BMG Tackle Products: R-Curve, R-LongShanker,
Spinner Swivel, Bait Screw, Kickers, Lead Clip with Pin, Cored Leadfree Leader and Hook Honer

Poland 2