Setting Up Our Chod System

Chod System.jpg

What you need to create a RotaryLead System using our Chod System: Chod SystemHawser Leadcore or
Cored Leadfree Leader
Swivel of your choice 
& Splicing Needle

Chod System3.jpg
Chod System5.jpg

Position the Chod System Sleeve on the Hawser Leadcore

Chod System7.jpg

Once the Chod System Bead is snuggle on the Chod System Sleeve, slide the Swivel of you choice on to the Hawser Leadcore below the
Chod System Sleeve and Bead

Chod System9.jpg

Place the Hawser Leadcore in the gate of the Splicing Needle and slide The Chod System Stopper Bead on to the Hawser Leadcore