Turbo German Rig

Turbo German.jpg

What you need to create a Turbo German rig:

A hook of your Choice, we have used a R-Curve,

Hooklink of your choice, we have used Peel Coated HooklinkMicro Ring Swivel, 1.6mm Heat Shrink Tubing, Quick Swivel and Hook Beads

Turbo German3.jpg

Attach a Quick Swivel to the Hooklink
with a Grinner Knot

Turbo German6.jpg

Take the Quick Swivel and pass the crook through the eye of the hook

Turbo German9.jpg

Cut a small piece of 1.6mm Heat Shrink Tubing

Turbo German11.jpg

Pass the 1.6mm Heat Shrink Tube over the crook of the quick Swivel and eye of the hook.

Turbo German13.jpg

Place a Micro Ring Swivel on the the hook

Turbo German2.jpg

Cut your desired lengh of hooklink, around 10 inches

Turbo German5.jpg

Trim and blob the tag end of the knot

Turbo German8.jpg