Soft Hinge Rig

Soft Hinge Rig

Soft Hinge Rig


The Soft Hinge Rig teams up the anti-eject and hook qualities of chod rig and allows the rig to move. Meaning when a carp takes the rig, it can freely move.


Made with a R-CSR, R-Circle Chod, R-Square Chod or CSR hook, Bait Screw, RigorLink Chod Filament and Peel Coated Hooklink.


The end of the rig will be left untouched so you can either tie direct to a swivel or tie a loop.


Price includes UK delivery.

A small delivery charge may apply for International Shipping.


PLEASE NOTE, all rigs are made to order so lead time may vary depending on demand


This item is also non-refundalbe or exchangable.

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