Have You Seen Our High Density Tungsten Range

Our High Density Tungsten Range helps you keep those last few feet totally inconspicuous and pinned down to the bottom. So what is in the High Density Tungsten Range?

High Density Tungsten Putty

No more warming your putty on the kettle to make it usable. Our High Density Tungsten Putty  is super pliable, making it easy to mould around swivels, sinkers, knots or line. 15 Grams per tub


Tungsten Quick Change Weights

No more pinching split shot on rigs, our Quick Change Tungsten Weights are soft to the touch and dense enough to hold down a pop up or wafter. Insert the hooklink into the groove of the sinker and that's it. The height of the pop up can simply be adjusted by moving the sinker. The grip is solid without the hooklink being damaged.  Larger sizes can also be used a a subtle backlead. Large - 0.8g, Medium - 0.6g and Small - 0.4g 10 per pack


Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers

A must for any angler wanting to make there rigs as inconspicuous as possible, this will make sure you rig is pinned to the bottom.  They can also be used to mould our High Density Tungsten Putty around to counter balance Pop Up rigs. Available in Medium & Large. 9 sinkers per pack


Tungsten Oval Beads

Tungsten Oval Beads are ideal to counter balance pop ups, trap naked chods or as a backlead. They slide easily onto your hook link or main line and to grip the line tightly. Small - 1grams - 6mm by 4mm Large -  25 gram - 14mm by 6mm 


Tungsten Swivel Beads

Sinking a spinner, chod rig or any rig featuring a swivel has just become simple, no more molding putty around the swivel. Our Tungsten Swivel Bead has been developed to sit snugly over the knot and swivel of a rig, the weight is enough to critically sink buoyant pop ups and can be fine-tuned by shaving then with a blade. Large - 0.85g and Small - 0.42g


Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves

Our Tungsten Anti-Tangle Sleeves are designed to prevent tangles when casting and also to help keep the rig pinned to the bottom.


Tungsten Line Aligners

Tungsten Line Aligners simply slides on to the shank and give the perfect aggressive hooking angle.  With the addition of tungsten the line aligners help create a balanced presentation, when using buoyant hookbaits.


Tungsten Beads

Our 6mm Tungsten Beads, coupled up with our Hooklink Sinkers are the ideal components for Naked Chod Rigs.  The added weight of the tungsten removes the need for any type of leader to pin the mainline down.  They can also be used on standard Helicopter and Chod set-ups.


Tungsten Rig Tubing

Extremely heavy, fast sinking and a joy to thread, Tungsten Rig Tubing is ideal for concealing the line close to your rig while also providing protection for the carp during the fight.  Also a must have for any water that has a leader ban. Available in Weed Green and Silt Brown.



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