French Team Member Nathan Goubet's Rhone Update

This is the first installment of a series of monthly update blog from our French Team Member Nathan Goubet.

Nathan is based close to Lyon in the East of France, and with the mighty River Rhone on his doorstep he regularly targets the large carp that call this fast flowing and snaggy river their home.

'I had been pre-baiting a secluded section of the Rhone for a week, regularly feeding the spot with a mix of boilies, particles and pellets.

As I arrived to the stretch for my first session to on the spot, I was meet with a the river bing high than usual which also brought with it a change in color. With the river conditions not at there best I decided that I would give it a go as the spot had seen plenty of bait and I was certain that a few carp wouldn't be to far away.

With the river in full flow I placed an 24mm boilie topped with a 16mm pop up on a simple hair rig made from a size 2 R-Curve hook and the 25lb Peel Coated Hooklink, knowing this would more than stand up to the hard fighting fish in the heavy flow.

Two rod were placed on the spot, with a sprinkling of bait to freshen up the spot, and I sat back a took in the atmosphere.

After one hour the left hand rod was away, with the strong flow the fish powered down stream looking for the sanctuary of a fallen tree in the reeds further down the bank. I tighten the clutch knowing that the R-Curve and Peel Coated Hooklink would with stand the brutal fight. After a few minute of stalemate close to the fallen tree, I start to bring what I knew would be a good fish to the waiting landing net, and 5 minute later I had a fat common sulking in the net that had obviously been taking advantage of the free food!!!

On the mat, the common was nailed, the size 2 R-Curve hook and Peel Coated Hooklink had done its job and was sitting snugly in the middle of the bottom lip.

With the photos done and a rod still on the spot, I decided to leave that rod undisturbed but give the spot a top up of bait. This plan worked a treat as a couple of hours later the remaining rod rattle off and a almost identical fight took place and the end result was also the same with another good sized Rhone common sitting in the bottom of my net.

Again the hook hold on this fish was immense and the R-Curve hook teamed up with the 25lb Peel Coated Hooklink, I have the upmost confidence in the set up in the most challenging of conditions.

With 2 fish caught I decided that I would head home but before going give the spot a good hit of bait for my return.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I will speak to you next month



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