How To... Claw Rig

A step by step guide on how to tie a Claw Rig

What you need to create a Claw Rig:

A hook of your Choice, we have used a R-Square, Peel Coated Hooklink or Sinew Supple Braid, Line Aligner B, Silicone Tubing and a Latched Baiting Needle

Strip 5cm of coating from the Peel Coated Hooklink

(skip this step if using Sinew Supple Braid)

Tie a Figure of Eight loop knot

Cut two pieces of Silicone Tubing and thread them on to a Latched Baiting Needle

Place the hooklink link into the Latch of the Baiting Needle and slide both pieces of the Silicone Tubing on to the Hooklink

Pass the hook point through the two pieces of Silicone Tubing

(be careful not to split it)

Set the Hair length

Secure the hook using the Knotless Knot

Thread a Line ALigner B down the hooklink

Position the Line Aligner B over the eye of your hook.

make sure the silicone tubing is right around the bend of the hook:

it kicks over far quicker like this.

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