New XL Kickers

Introducing our new XL Kickers

XL Kickers, easy to slide over any of our hooks eyes, even the sizes 1, quickl and easy to create a more aggressive angle without the need for steaming Heat Shrink Tubing.   Also can be used as the sleeve on a Spinner Rig, quicker and easier than the traditional Heat Shrink Tubing.   Available in 4 colours.

  • Trans Brown

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Pink

 10 per pack.

Available in Trans Brown, Yellow, Red and Pink

Our XL Aligners on size 4 R-Short Curve hooks. They easily fit over all our hooks eyes.

The XL Kickers can also be used as sleeves for Spinner Rig, as above. This Spinners are constructed using size 2 R-Circle hooks

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