Return on a memorable fish

Back in May, a time when fishing is can be quite difficult and the carp hard to catch myself and a friend decided to spend 4 nights on a big lake in the East of France.

When we arrived we were meet with a very moody lake, strong winds and persistent rain, but we still decide to try our luck! The boats were loaded and we headed to our chosen sector that I know very well.

We arrived at our sector, cold and wet, with our morale very low, but still decided to get my 3 rods out.

The night was calm, no activity, then suddenly at first light my alarm went into meltdown! On picking up the rod I was meet with a heavy weight!

After 20 minutes of intense fighting, I final slipped a huge mirror into the net and once on the scales the needle moved round to a new personal best.

New PB of 55lb+

One fish caught during our 4 nights but what a fish!! A memorable catch shared between friends, is priceless.

Quentin Darsonval

Team BMG France

Always more enjoyable when with your friends

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