What You Need For A Spinner Rig

Here at BMG we have everything you need to create the popular 'Spinner Rig':


Our preferred hook for the Spinner Rig is our R-Circle, it boosts a threatening shank which speeds up the turning of the hook. Along with its wide gage and offset point, the R-Circle finds the lip quickly and stays put once in there. Other popular hooks for the rig are the R-Curve, R-Curve Chod, Curve and C-Curve.



A wider clip allows the hook to be quickly changed without the need to open or close the swivel. Use this swivel with a large kicker or shrink tube to cover the connection and keep the hook sitting at the correct angle. www.bmgtackle.com/product-page/spinner-swivel

The Micro Ring Swivel is placed on the shank of the hook so the bait can be tied on to it.


Rig Bits

The XL Kicker is used instead of Heat Shrink Tubing to cover the clip of the Spinner Swivel. Using the XL Kicker makes it easier to change the hook after a carp has been landed.


The hook bead is placed on the hook, opposite the barb to stop the micro ring swivel on the hook.


The Tungsten Swivel Bead fits snugly on to ring of the Spinner Swivel, it adds weight to help contour balance the weight of the pop up.



We favour a our Peel Coated Hooklink for our boom section as it offers a degree of stiffness to kick the hookbait away from the lead but also has a degree of suppleness to take on the contours of the lake bed.



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