Claw Rig

Claw Rig

Claw Rig Rig


The Claw Rig is perfect for fishing with straight-out-of-the-bag bottom baits. The pieces of silicon positioning the Hair around the hooks shank, coupled with the shrink tubing and large piece of putty make this rig extremely effective.


Made with a R-Wide, R-Square or Wide hook, Silicone Tubing, Line Aligner and Peel Coated Hooklink or Sinew Supple Briad.


The end of the rig will be left untouched so you can either tie direct to a swivel or tie a loop.


Want to know how to tie a Claw rig, click here.


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PLEASE NOTE, all rigs are made to order so lead time may vary depending on demand


This item is also non-refundalbe or exchangable.

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