Combi Rig

Combi Rig

Combi Rig


Before coated braids existed, joining a stiff material like fluorocarbon or monofilament to a supple braid was the only way to create a rig with a mix of properties - and many anglers still swear by this presentation. It's perfect for bottom baits and wafters.

The stiff section kicks the rig away from your lead and is difficult for the fish to deal with once pricked. The short supple section means your bait acts naturally and allows your hook to find purchase in the fish's mouth.


Made with a R-Wide, R-Curve, R-Circle, R-Square, Wide and Curve 


The end of the rig will be left untouched so you can either tie direct to a swivel or tie a loop.


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A small delivery charge may apply for International Shipping.


PLEASE NOTE, all rigs are made to order so lead time may vary depending on demand. 

This item is also non-refundalbe or exchangable.

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