Deceptive Fluorocarbon Mainline
  • Deceptive Fluorocarbon Mainline

    Decptive is not a co-polymers coated with fluorocarbon, its a pure 100% Fluorocarbon mainline.


    Ideal for short-to-mid range casting, Deceptive has great sensitivitiey. The superior sensitivity aids feeling for the donk and improves bite indication.  Deceptive Fluorocarbon is the go to line is you are a avid slack liner, it really sink like a brick. As soon as you have cast out the line will immediately start to settle and take up the contors of the lake bed.


    Deceptive also has an impressive abrasion resistance and super knot strengh, making it ideal when fishing close to snags or weed.


    The main benefit of Decptive Fluorocarbon Mainline is that it is almost invisible in the water. This makes it the go to mainline when you’re targeting rig shy carp.


    Deceptive Fluorocarbon Mainline is available in 12lb (0.26mm), 15lb (0.28mm) and 18lb (0.33mm) breaking strains on 500m spools.


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