KD Rig

KD Rig

KD Rig


The KD Rig gets used by a lot of great anglers to catch those wary carp that feed with a little more caution and also due to the magnificent hook holds that this rig creates. The hook is tied on at an aggressive angle making it almost impossible for the carp to eject when sucked in. With the way that the hair sticks out of the back of the hook’s eye, you’re causing the tip of the hook to weigh more, allowing it to grab on a lot faster to the bottom lip of the carp, unlike many other rigs out there.


Made with a R-Wide, R-Curve, R-Circle or R-Square, Bait Screw, Hook Beads and Peel Coated Hooklink or Sinew Supple Briad.


The end of the rig will be left untouched so you can either tie direct to a swivel or tie a loop.


Price includes UK delivery.

A small delivery charge may apply for International Shipping.


PLEASE NOTE, all rigs are made to order so lead time may vary depending on demand


This item is also non-refundalbe or exchangable.

    Hook Size
    Barbed or Barbless
    Hooklink Colour
    Breaking Strain

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